Capstone Senior Project

Course Description

Collaborative teams execute film projects and give open demonstration of the results.

Entry to the Capstone

IMPORTANT: Entry to The Capstone Senior Project is LIMITED to those students who pass a set of pre-requisites with a grade of B or better in each. These prerequisites are as follows: FDMA 1210, 2525, (2520 or 2610 or 303), (310 or 324), and 401. If students do not meet the requirements for entering the Capstone, they may retake the prerequisites until they attain the required grades or pursue the BA in Film Production.

Completing the Capstone

The Capstone Senior Project comprises of two four-credit classes: FDMA 450 and FDMA 451. These classes, taken in the fall and spring of the senior year, are required in the BFA in Film and Digital Arts, the BA concentration in Animation, and the BA concentration in Gaming.