Film & Digital Arts

Find your voice. Tell your story. Transform the moving image.

Become a director, cinematographer, screenwriter, video game designer, animator, visual studies theorist, film historian, experimental artist, or movie producer.

Famous for the unique light and landscape that attract artists and scholars from around the globe, New Mexico is ranked as a film hotspot.

Albuquerque itself has been designated as one of the best places for filmmakers to live and work by Moviemaker magazine, and Netflix has recently adopted the city as its only US production hub.

Film & Digital Arts Degrees

a crew films an actor and child actor in a park during the afternoon

BFA in Film & Digital Arts

You will focus on moviemaking, acquiring the technical and artistic skills to succeed on the set. Our emphasis on screenwriting, cinematography, producing, and directing prepares you to lead and influence the creative process.

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students collaborate on a live set

BA in Film & Digital Arts

Our BA allows for four possible concentrations which include Film Production, Gaming, Animation, or Film History and Criticism

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a student plays with a VR headset in front of a green screen

Minor in Film & Digital Arts

Film & Digital Arts offers four minors: Film Production, Film History and Criticism, Animation, and Gaming.

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Film & Digital Arts Facilities

The Film & Digital Arts program features state of the art facilities tailored to high end learning and modern film production techniques

Featured Alumni Film

Fritz Bitsoie • Diné/Navajo

It must’ve been back when I was six years old. We lived outside of Ganado, AZ which is on the Navajo reservation. My older brother and I were watching Showtime during one of those free promotional weekends. The movie, The Last Emperor was playing on a cold rainy afternoon.

Up until then I was really into movies like Bloodsport, Wayne’s World and Ghostbusters (perfectly appropriate movies for a 6 year old, I know). But that movie was the first time I felt the majesty and power of cinema. On that tiny 13in TV I was transported into another world, it all seemed so real. I didn’t know at the time why, but I knew then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life telling my own stories to be seen on the movie screen.

Eventually, I took my love for b-movies and cult films and pursued the film program at the University of New Mexico. Afterwards, I relocated to Oakland, Ca to create films that celebrate underrepresented peoples/tribes and stories with a quest to reinvigorate and challenge the expectations of how these stories are told on-screen.