Mesa Del Sol

Mesa del Sol
5700B University Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
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Mesa Del Sol Aperture Centure

The Mesa del Sol Aperture Center is south of UNM’s main campus, about a fifteen minute drive from UNM’s central campus. It was built in proximity to Albuquerque Studios, now Netflix, to facilitate collaborations with the film industry and other high-tech industries operating at Mesa del Sol.

Film & Digital Arts operates over three floors in this facility. The first floor houses a 100-seat theatre for film screenings and instruction, as well as a large Flex space with a black box for productions, including a lighting grid and green screen. The second floor has two computer labs (mac and PC), a server room/render farm, and equipment checkout room.

The third floor contains various project rooms designed for faculty and students to produce creative work for class and research, a sound recording lab and mixing booth, and staff and faculty offices and meeting spaces. The Film & Digital Arts building is located in the east wing of the Aperture Center. Parking is located behind the building and is free of charge.

Film & Digital Arts Facilities

The Film & Digital Arts program features state of the art facilities tailored to high end learning and modern film production techniques