Casey Curtiss

Casey Curtiss with Mank post production team

Casey Curtiss is currently an Assistant Editor in Hollywood, having worked on David Fincher’s post-production team for four years. Casey became interested in CGI in high school, taking dual enrollment courses at CNM in the animation department. He applied to be part of the third cohort at UNM’s IFDM Production track, where he graduated in 2013. During his time at UNM, his interests expanded to programing and film, where he decided he was more interested in the film post-production process. He interned and then worked for 2 years at NMPBS before leaving for California.

There, Casey worked on a few independent features, but most notably he began as a post PA on Mindhunter in 2016, where he was promoted to Apprentice and then Assistant Editor. Fincher’s post-production team tends to be non-specialized, so he’s done roles from assistant editing, programming workflow tools, dailies processing, conforming for the colorist, and recently VFX editing. He worked on Mindhunter season 1-2 and on the feature Mank, while slated to start on Fincher’s next project soon.

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