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Film & Digital Arts Film History Lecturer and Department Administrator, Angie Beauchamp, will be reading from her newly published book, “Eleanor Roosevelt on Screen” on Tuesday May 7 at 2pm in the SUB, Acoma B

May 3, 2024

Eleanor Roosevelt recognized the power of film and television, especially as educational tools to reach young people. She hosted three political talk shows in the 1950s and early 1960s, often appearing in guest spots to promote the United Nations, Democratic candidates, and progressive issues with Ed Sullivan, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Mike Wallace, and Edward R. Murrow. In the 1930s and ‘40s, fan magazines such as Photoplay and Modern Screen published her opinions on the movies, and she boldly appeared in an interventionist prologue to the 1940 anti–Nazi film Pastor Hall. During World War II, she contributed to civil defense films and became a staple joke in Hollywood comedies. She also negotiated postwar representations of FDR on the big screen, culminating in 1960’s Sunrise at Campobello, which portrayed her as the perfect wife.

This book is the first to address Eleanor Roosevelt’s moving image record and her relationship to film and television in the three decades from the 1932 presidential campaign to her death in 1962.