The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On!

May 30, 2024

The Show is an annual summer course offering through the Department of Film & Digital Arts at UNM, consisting of a large-scale moviemaking experience with students taking the lead and working alongside industry professionals. Summer 2024 will be the fifth year that The Show has been offered to enrolled students.

This summer Matt McDuffie will be the lead instructor, along with Assistant Professor Jacob Kader. Enrolled students will have the opportunity be mentored by seasoned professionals like Academy Award winning sound man Phil Bladh (Sound of Metal) and storyboard artist Trevor Goring (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Lone Survivor). Students will literally run the show. They’ll be the heads of their departments; they will be producers, cinematographers, art directors, lighting technicians, sound engineers, makeup artists, costumers, publicists, script supervisors, casting directors – positions that take years to achieve in the industry.

Film and Digital Arts graduate J. Keenan Wallace calls The Show, “The best experience that I’ve had in college so far. I learned so much and got to learn a lot from the professors and professionals in the industry. They answered all my questions and gave me tips and tricks that I never would have learned otherwise…. The Show definitely prepared me for the real world of the film industry.”

In 2023 the production of Drifteen premiered at the LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival and won Best Cinematography. Rabbit Box premiered at the Morgue and Crypt Horror Fest in the fall of ’23.

Last year’s production of The Playhouse (starring CFA Dean Harris Smith, UNM Associate Professor of Theater Kate Clarke, and acting teacher Melanie Nelson) is just wrapping up post-production and will soon go out to film festivals.

This summer’s production will be working with UNM Dance and the Flamenco Institute of Albuquerque on a crime drama called Muertos.

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